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March 07, 2011


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Shelly Beckham

Whoa, that was some clean park you had there! Also, I always preferred to skate on wood instead of concrete, since it doesn't hurt like hell when you fall down there. But whatever it's made out of, I always wear some kind of protection to lessen the chance of getting injured, since after a lot of sprains and visits to the dentists in Memphis, I am getting too old on getting myself in a painful situation unlike when I was a kid.

brian poyla

I hear you Shelly. I recently purchased Triple Eight wrist guard gloves. They have a plastic piece that goes from the palm to way up on your forearm an they also have another straight support piece on the back of the glove. I have taken one big fall on them so far and even with this wrist injury it was not so bad.

I won't skate without them now!

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