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May 04, 2009


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Good thing you got that 1st to 4th shift skipper deal because... you wouldn't want... to not... be able to shift... skip... 4th... 1st.... too... umm.. eliminate. Right?


brian poyla

Allow me to explain...

Picture this. . . You bring home a beautiful new car and you opted for the six speed because you want more control over said car. Soon you find that at certain rpm's your car wont allow you to go into 2nd, from first. A perfect example of that being annoying would be making a left turn through an intersection. You give it a little gas to make the turn before you get clobbered and all of a sudden you find yourself in 4rth gear, not second. Your physically blocked and redirected to 4th... at 500 rpm's which is like taking away 90% of your HP.... in the middle on an intersection. ANNOYING! and to me, unsafe..... and lame too. The reasons however are noble.

The gas millage, although impressive for a muscle car is not enough to dodge (no pun intended) the U.S. governments gas guzzler tax. That is unless there is a skip shift installed. The millage gained by this device is just enough to be under their guidelines for the tax. Certain corvette models are famous for them as well. The skip shift simply plugs into the solenoid and makes sure the parameters needed for the computer to engage the skip shift function never appear. To quote Contact... "Inside it's a beautiful day".

Like the radar gun and the radar detector it is a cat and mouse game. Lucky for me in this instance it is a 35 dollar fix and forget.

brian poyla

Here is the plug installed.

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