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January 22, 2009


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Of course I'm probably showing my age. But I just can't help preferring the shape of the older cars. :-p

Kevyn Hagemann

Hmmm... I've noticed that most ads for cars, cigars, and liquors there are girls. I think women have a strong appeal to convince audience to buy that product. You know, if there's a sexy woman with a sweet voice who will sell a car model, no doubt, I will buy that car! Well, I bought my Ram 2500 from Dodge at Edmonton because it has lots of good features, and the performance is good. Swear, it's not because of the beautiful dealer.

Allan Stec

Those are pretty cool concepts you've shown there. Yes, there are a lot of vintage lovers out there, and that really reels a lot of customers in. The "spicier" the catch phrase that you put in the car ad, the more people will be interested. Well, there are still people who get curious about simple things like "Ohh~ it carries my groceries, huh..." or something like that.

Leisa Dreps

In any kinds of advertisement, a catchy phrase is always a winner! Vintage cars are captivating on their own, but what more if it’s equipped with good promotion? It’ll be a sure fire hit! Vintage cars will always have a place in my heart!

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