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November 28, 2007


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hahah, you're welcome. but i should be thanking you for the video of the fat kid falling into the river. there is so much i can say about that...but i'm speechless at the same time. it's hill-hairy-ass. but the kid also takes a really bad hit to the face, head and body on the fall. but there is still something so unbelievably funny about it. fat kids falling = funny. this one aint as good, but it's still a good one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyqY4dZprOM&feature=related


Was that really phil?!?! haha. never seen his troop in action. Also, havent seen the bri/arial morph in a while. good stuff!

Jennie aka Kettle aka Legs

Like I already said...So sick that bri/arial morph. Thank goodness for hair cuts.


Blasphemy! Mullets ruled back then and i was the RULER!


philly phil had some moves. he is better than fresh prince...but no way is he better than alfonso ribero.


alfonso ribero did have some meeeean moves. Better than the fresh prince and tyra banks put together.

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