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November 25, 2007


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inspiring post. Makes you wanna get a tattoo!


hahahaha! No comment :) Soon to have the sun and earth as well.


The space video was pretty cool and mesmerizing. If only the drugs I took in high school had not worn off.


Maybe they haven't, that was a video about sewing. : )


i wish the universe would "gravity assist" me into the arms of giselle bundchen with some slurpees and tacos. and BTW, the greetings audio - bunch of hindi (indian) greetings. aliens like indian food. trust me. in my experiences, they settle down and get attentive when you get them some good paneer. ALSO, i never get bored anywhere. I saw boobs one time in my life and ever since then, i can dream and think about those when i'm bored. ps. by boobs i don't mean brian and howard. i mean, titties.

GREAT POST...thanks for getting me thinking about boobs again.


You are welcome though I am sure it's not too difficult to achieve that. :)

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